It might surprise some people to know that I have taken a stance on the 'N Word' that actually supports NFL players being permitted to use it  while playing football.  That's not to say I think it's nice.  Cause I don't.  I am especially turned off by racism, but I'm even more turned off by censorship.  The truth is that word is not any more insulting than others, and you just can't keep making things as though we are walking on eggshells.  Sometimes you have to accept that the reality is the game is brutal, and it's not like you are being invited over for tea.

That being said, there is a difference between hate, and what would constitute fair play during the midst of a battle on the football field.  Now, before I go further, let me preface this article by saying I have never played in the National Football League.  Therefore, you could say I know nothing about playing football in the league, and you are right.  I also do not know what it's like to be a guy.  I don't care about what goes on in their locker rooms, and if I were a sports reporter I'd be perfectly happy to stand outside and wait to ask that question than to ever venture into the sacred grounds where the guys get dressed.  I mean I'm a girl, well I'm a woman who will always be a girl, and I like being different.  

So what does this very happy to be feminine woman want to share about the 'N Word' and why am I writing an article about the pussification of the NFL.  Well, I'm not sure exactly.  All I know is that the younger generation is not using the word the same way as the older generation uses it.  Also, when you play football you are not supposed to be nice to the opponent on the opposite side of the field.  You are supposed to want to beat them up.  That's the game.  You are not supposed to intentionally harm them to the point of no return but you are not supposed to hold the door open for them either. 

So if a guy says, "I slept with your mother last night" vs. "You are a F*CKN NWord" which is worse.  Well, who can say?  I don't think you should censor what's being said on the football field.  Sometimes you really do have to let boys be boys, even if they are grown men.  

When it comes to employee's rights, and hostile environment , that's a different story and there are laws, both federal and state that should provide a very clear guide on how an NFL team should ensure a safe environment.  I mean seriously it should not be that complicated. Doesn't anybody watch Family Guy?