So there I was listening to the radio, when I was fully expecting to hear a sports show.   I had no idea at the time I listened to this radio show, I would end up meeting Kyle later the next year to learn more about his desire to help others who are fighting ALS.  I also had no idea that the following winter a hurricane would come and change so many things in my life.  One of these days I will get back to my PhD work, and perhaps do something more for those who struggle with CTE.  Maybe use the domain to help children who are abused or have autism.  One of these days I might get to the article I have been meaning to write about Kyle's story.  For now though I just wanted to share why I follow @KyleTuley.

I invite you to decide for yourself if this is a man who cares about the way the NFL seems to have abandoned their duties to take care of the men who built up the league.  As for me, I simply wish to thank him for taking the time to meet with me, to share his passion, to talk about his music and his family in a way that seems genuinely heartfelt.  I don't just travel to Lake Charles Louisiana to meet anyone.  I also don't spend a $1000. on tickets for a charity concert played prior to the Super Bowl in NOLA, that was to be played in New Orleans and benefited Gridiron Greats, a non-profit organization that helps retired players. [ I gave these ticket away via Kevin Turner's foundation. ]  I did these things because I care about people with brain trauma, and I want the National Football League to back up their stance, that 'Together We Make Football' ~ some more than others.  Cause for some, the price was very great and the risks were unknown.  So it might be a good thing to welcome the opportunity to realize that 'Together' is not just a buzz word, or a marketing slogan but a promise.