Probably one of things I love most about summertime is baseball.  I am one of the biggest baseball fans I know.  In fact, if you asked me to describe 'Heaven' I would probably say I'd pick going to a baseball game, over shoe shopping.  Now that ought to put things in perspective, cause I love shoe shopping, almost as much as baseball.  

So it's almost here.  It, being 'Opening Day' and I can't wait.  If I have my way I'll be at Comerica Park sometime this season, and I'll be cheering for the Tigers.  I love them.  The first game I ever saw live, was a game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.  That's not the reason I love them though. Truth be told, the reason I love the Detroit Tigers has to do with a song by John Rich.  The song, Shutting Down Detroit, made me cry.  It portrayed New Yorkers as heartless and uncaring about the state of Detroit, and I was so saddened by that.  I used to live in Manhattan, and work for one of those Fortune 500 companies, who just so happened to lose over 300 people on 9-11.  If my son wasn't born a few years prior, the odds of my being at the World Trade Center that day, with so many of my former co-workers would have been great.  Yet, I wasn't there.  Like so many other Americans I watched the horror on television.  So many people I knew died that day, some of whom I had worked with for close to ten years.

So needless to say, it really bothered me a lot when I heard that song because the people I knew who worked downtown, in New York City, were not heartless and uncaring.  The people I knew had huge hearts, and I think it's unfair to make an implication that New Yorkers are so heartless.  I know the song reference wasn't meant to be about all New Yorkers but I took it personally.  It's so easy to judge someone without knowing them, and we probably all do it.  We sort of stereotype, very often when it comes to demographics.  Not everyone who works on Wall Street in New York City is cruel and selfish, and that's what the song seemed to imply.  It just broke my heart to think that people see New Yorkers that way. 

So in my own little way I wanted to do something special for the City of Detroit.  I know it's not much, but I decided to buy a Detroit Tigers hat, and I pretty much wear it wherever I go.  I also decided to root for the Detroit Tigers.  Well, it's been a few years now, and I have followed the Detroit Tigers religiously. It's not that I didn't have a favorite team.  I used to root for the NY Mets but I had lost my passion for the Mets when they just seemed to be a vicious cycle every year, filled with promise and never delivering. 

Not only do I really like the Tigers team, but I  have developed a strong admiration for the Detroit fans.  I also love their mascot, Paws. Over the past few years I have followed the @Tigers team on Twitter, and I also follow @PawsDetroit. I have seen Paws do his part for the city whether it's all about bike riding, or breast cancer awareness; Paws is there.   Maybe it's silly, but the other day I got a tweet from @PawsDetroit and I was really excited  I can only imagine how little kids might feel when they meet him.  Baseball is awesome, and for some reason the mascots seem to make it even more so.  Yep, I can't wait for Opening Day.  Go Tigers!  Oh and if you want to know who my Tiger is, you guessed it, it's Paws