So did you hear what Dez Bryant said about Calvin Johnson?  You know how he said that he's "always been one of Calvin's biggest fans."  Of course, you can't believe everything you read, but that was written in USA Today by Dave Birkett, so that's probably something you can take as truth.  

Of course, you might have heard that Dez Bryant said some other things too.  But before you go and believe he said it, be careful to truly read his comments, and check your sources.  It seems 'the media' has a great knack for embellishing and taking things to a totally different level.  It's no different than the game of 'Telephone' we used to play when we were kids, and what starts out being one thing, is completely blown into something else, by the end of the game.

What would appear to be a tweet in response to the media hype, Dez Bryant, tweeted that he realizes he needs to be careful what he says.  Hmmmmm I don't think so.  I think that no matter whan an NFL player says, and in fact no matter what anyone says, people and especially the media will have a field day taking it to a level of their own.  This, of course, is not always a bad thing, as it sure gives some, something to talk about.  What the ratings soar to new levels.

So I think Dez Bryant was merely saying he prefers not to compare himself to others and believes in his own abilities.  In my opinion, that's a great attitude to have.  Nothing like the media to turn that into fuel for the week.  So what'd he say?