It's not every day a girl gets asked to model thigh highs.  I never once thought I had nice legs, didn't give it too much thought, until I was in Boston this summer.  I was there to give a pair of Red Sox tickets away after the bombing.  I wanted to do something to give back.  While there I met the founder of  Vienne had followed me via Twitter because I was working promoting a sports radio show in Vegas, and one of the models who worked with her is a huge hockey fan, and we had connected as a result of mutual passion for sports.  Well the following a copy of my interview with Vienne, and what appeared on their site during the time I was promoting their line.  I'm sharing here just so you can see the amazing power of social media marketing.  Very often, one thing leads to another.  [ Note the interview says I'm 'from Vegas' and while I work to promote sports radio shows that are broadcast locally in Vegas, and it is my home away from home, I am not from there originally.  I grew up in North Jersey, and made my home in New York City for years.  I now spend my time traveling back and fourth from Vegas and the East Coast, and hopefully someday everywhere in between. ] 

Michelle is a serial entrepreneur (Founder of,, and a social media guru who works with sports radio shows, businesses and musicians. She has also been a guest on the Colton & Wolfman show on Sirius Radio. Michelle is highly educated, holding a Master’s Degree in criminal justice from Boston University’s Metropolitan College and is currently working on her PhD in Public Policy Administration with a specialization in law. Michelle's work has been featured in New York Magazine. With beauty and brains, Michelle is the ultimate symbol of an accomplished American Woman.


Social Media Campaign (May 2013)

Tell us about you

I love sports and music. In fact, I think music and sports can unify the world. I am also very passionate about advocating for those who are affected by brain trauma. In the past, I have worked as a substitute teacher and a volunteer in Drug Court programs. I am certified by The Step Family Foundation in NYC to counsel step families. I am also actively involved with fundraising and promoting awareness about CTE and brain trauma. Above all, I believe that it is important to respect and care for one another.

How did you begin modeling?

My first encounter with modeling began when I was asked to participate in a study for "Working Women Verses Stay At Home Women". Since I took part in the study, I was given a chance to model for Marie Claire. I was also asked to model for VienneMilano by their Founder.

Tell us about your modeling career

Although I am not a professional model, I do enjoy it. This is why I model for the businesses that I work with and believe in. My dream is to launch – And who knows? You might find me modeling there very soon.

What is your style in fashion?

I am the most comfortable in heels or Cowboy boots. I never know what to do with just a pair of sneakers!  I love to wear flats for a baseball game or a stroll in Manhattan, but my passion will always be “Forever In Bluejeans”. I also love sporting my Chanel suit.  My favorite shop is Michael's Consignment in NYC. I also love Walter Bakerleather jackets...even in the 115 degree heat in Vegas!

What's your relations to thigh highs?

Super sexy, I love them! I think white hosiery is appropriate for weddings, the black for the office and the purple for Las Vegas (which is where I’m from)! I am in love with VienneMilano luxury thigh highs. They are very chic, and I think their hosiery redefines sexy.  It's not that I don't love bare legs, but there is something about luxury thigh highs that gives a lady a sense of style.

The sassiest thing you did while wearing thigh highs is...

Pump gas...

What was your experience working with VienneMilano?

I really enjoy working with VienneMilano. I was introduced to VienneMilano via twitter by Megan Louise. After getting to know the brand for almost a year, I finally got a chance to work with them. I found Vienne to be more than the woman I had come to know.