The concept of  "Very Sexy Sports"  is more than a name of a website, it's meant to share a  powerful message about overcoming negativity that you may have  been conditioned to believe 


Have you ever wondered why I post some #VerySexy photos?  Of course, you might not have thought my photos are #VerySexy, and that's okay because sexy is in the eye of the beholder. My goal, though, with the photos I have shared via my accounts on Twitter and Facebook has definitely been to capture the essence of what is #VerySexy to me by creating a sense of mystery and allure.  Many of my followers have shared that I seem to have captured the art of taking the #SexySelfie.  Well, it did not happen over night, let me tell my tale to you.

Back in 2009, I was just finishing my studies at Boston University and completed a Master's program in Criminal Justice.  I was very happy to be near finished and I was winding down, ready to decide how I would use my education in the non-profit work I was doing.  The non-profit organization I had formed was done so to educate others about mutual respect, combat misuse of power, and well in a sense I was working to change the world.  I had formed a non-profit organization and was truly happy with the work I was doing.  I was tutoring in Drug Court to try to help adults who had gotten into trouble earn their GEDs and I was also working as a volunteer in the Court System sitting on a board overseeing cases where children had been removed from their homes.  That, coupled with my work as a substitute teacher and raising my son was satisfying.  I did not realize that in a short time I would decide to pursue my Doctorate of Philosophy studying the field of Public Policy Administration with a specialty in law.  Funny how that happens, one day you think you're finishing up with school, and the next day you might find yourself right back in class. 

At the time, I had joined Facebook, and my personal life was relatively uneventful.  I did, however, manage to connect with a few childhood friends.  One person, who shall remain nameless, connected with me and we would talk late at night.  He was my childhood friend.  He was now an adult who was involved with selling drugs and to use his words, he sold coke and went to strip clubs.  He made no apologies.  He felt that coke should be legal, and he didn't really care what people thought about him.  Of course, I didn't really think he was making good choices and I had no problem telling him so. His choice to engage in high risk behavior didn't stop me from rekindling a friendship though, as he was my childhood friend and lived far enough away from me, that I thought it was safe, I guess to talk about music and teachers we remembered.  Well to make a long story short, we got to be very close.  We weren't lovers or anything like that, but we were connected and we would share about our lives.  In October of 2009, I noticed he was missing.  He was not on Facebook the way he usually had been, and he hadn't been in touch for more than a month.  I reached out a few times, and I recall sharing with him a copy of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling.  It's my favorite poem, and I guess I wanted him to read it.  

About a month after I shared the poem I heard from him.  I was on my way to bring a friend to the airport, and I stopped by my girlfriend's who happens to live close to the airport.  I noticed a phone number on my phone and it had an area code I didn't recognize.  I picked it up and to my surprise it was him calling.  He told me that he couldn't text or be on Facebook because he had been in a coma.  He almost died he said, as a result of a drug over dose.  He was okay though, and so happy to be alive.  I still remember how happy he was to have been clean for forty days.  Of course, you can't shoot up when you're in a coma but I didn't have the heart to bring that to his attention.

Eventually, he began to get bored with his new life that was drug free.  He would call me often and tell me he was still clean but he was simply bored.  He had no job, lived with his mom, and was [ again to use his words ] a 'loser'.  I felt terrible that he was losing his desire to live.  There's more to the story but let's just say that I began to want to do everything I could to help him have a reason to live. To the point of detriment I began to help him by funding his poker habit so he wouldn't take drugs, and by coming up with ways that would be legitimate ways to have a career.  He loved riding and I even got him a used bike so he would have something to keep his mind off of drugs.  In despair he said that he simply couldn't do it.  He got angry and said it's impossible to change habits you've had since you were a kid.  I'll always be a 'loser' and I would have thought he was playing the role of the victim, but I had grown up with him.  I recalled how teachers were anything but helpful.  They would throw him in the hall, and leave him there all day.  He was always in the principle's office.  My quest to understand human behavior and violence seemed to take over.  I was, I guess, studying him and also trying desperately to save him.  I wanted to understand but also help him.

One day during a rant, he said that I had no idea what it was like to have to change who I was told I was.  I thought long and hard about that, and asked myself if I had any clue what I was expecting of him.  He had done drugs all of his life, and here I was expecting him to change.  So I thought about what would be hard for me.  I guess for me the hardest thing to do would be to put on a bikini and post it on Facebook.  I know it might sound silly as people seem to do that without too much thought, but I was brought up in a horrible world when I was a child.  Without getting into the details, my father was arrested for molesting my sister and I spent my life wearing bras that would minimize the appearance of my chest.  I did not ever feel comfortable looking in the mirror, and although the outward appearance might have suggested otherwise I was incredibly shameful of my body.  I wore conservative attire to teach and tutor because I felt it as appropriate but even in my social world, I was conservative.  I just didn't want any attention.  I guess I never felt comfortable being very sexy.  It's not that I didn't want to be very sexy, or that I didn't admire the women in magazines who were, but I just didn't see myself that way.

So I decided to put my money where my mouth was.  I took a photo in a bikini I bought from Victoria's Secret and posted it on Facebook.  I never really expected anyone to see it.  Ironically, what happened after that was nothing short of a miracle.  My son had asked that I not keep it up because all of his friends thought I was 'hot' which I thought was kind of funny.  I respected my son though, and also because I'm employed as a teacher in a public school, I felt I should keep it private.  My friend couldn't believe it was me in the photo.  He also thought I looked 'hot' and very sexy.  Eventually I placed the name 'Illusorio' after my first initial and to protect my privacy.  I continued to post photos to show my friend that anyone could change negative habits.  There were rumors that Kid Rock saw my photos and thought I was a model from Victoria's Secret.  I ended up having rocks stars follow me and want to know who I was.  It was crazy.  Midnight calls in the middle of the night from rock stars thinking I'm 'all that' and here I was 'nobody' really.

Well that's the story of how I first began to post my photos . . . the work under my account for @SportSXMichelle would ultimately happen after I asked to help raise money for a former NFL player who had been diagnosed with ALS.  This is a story I shared on the @MorningMichelle show and is sort of a separate story about why I ever posted any photos under the @Sportsxmichelle account.  That was pretty much because people had accused me of being a fake account for a radio show, and you see the thing is I wasn't trying to have anything ever be 'about me' . . . That being said, I don't apoligize for posting very sexy photos.  I've learned to enjoy capturing the essence of an alluring photo and I believe my work is tasteful and nothing different than what you might see in a Victoria's Secret catalog.  I don't share nude photos, and I try to be careful in my marketing of fantasy sports, and my promotion of my social media work.  

Well that's it.  Nothing special.  Just some of the story . . . #AboutMe. Thanks for following me and supporting my dream for . . . for now it's just a fantasy.  


Sometimes a fantasy, is all you need ~ Billy Joel