So real fast before I go back to checking the scores, I'm going to share my NFL picks for this week.  Remember I'm not a professional handicapper, and my only 'official picks' had to do with Monday Night Football, so this is going to be a stretch for me to do every game.  Actually, if I'm going to be honest, and confess all, I didn't really make these picks.  My friend, who shall remain nameless, and hails from Louisiana sort of helped me out a bit.  He's not a handicapper either, but I think he might know a little bit more about football than I do.

So here goes.  Dallas/O, Philadelphia/O, Cleveland/U, Buffalo/O, New England/U, Cincy/O, Washington/O, Arizona/U, MN/O and Seattle/O.  I might have missed some, and I don't agree with him on all of them, but I was way too tired after doing all the CFB games, to actually focus on choosing NFL picks.  Seems to me that there might be something to the message that some handicappers claim, that you ought to pick one sport and master it.  

I'm going to enjoy being in the role of handicapper, and well I don't think gambling has that much to do with it, it's just fun.  I don't bet a whole lot of money on games when I'm in Vegas, and when I do I usually lose.  That's cause for whatever reason I bet on the Jets.  ;)