Aren't you tired of all the reports about concussions?  I mean can't we just watch football without having to hear about the injured player with a concussion.  Well, okay I mean if it's got to do with fantasy sports, then by all means include a segment updating injuries, but please let's not talk about how concussions are ruining the sport of American football, to the point that we might not have Pop Warner any more.  God, who wants to talk about that and actually face reality, that we might not have the answers.

So what do we do?  In a litigious society such as the United States of America, when we know that people might file a law suit over just about anything, how do we face the reality that the injuries sustained to some athletes might have everlasting affects that we simply do not know how to prevent?  How do we sue the helmet manufacturers for not protecting the brain from these effects if the helmets protect as best as they can, but there simply may not be a helmet out there that can protect in order to guard against some of the residual effects of concussion injuries?  

Safe to say, I have no idea.  I don't know the answers.  As much as I've studied about brain trauma, as much as I've learned over the years, saying "I don't know" just doesn't seem good enough, and yet, "I don't know." is all I can say.  I do know this much, if the National Football League is right in claiming that, "Together We Make Football", than "We" must get together and work very hard on spreading about awareness of concussion related injuries, not in a way that forces us into denial or causes us to be desensitized about the problem, but in a way that allows us to learn and adapt to the knowledge we may wish to ignore.