Did you happen to see that "Ice Bucket Challenge" is trending?  That's what one of my followers said to me yesterday while I was busy doing something.  I did notice and I had seen people posting videos on their vines where they were throwing a bucket of ice water on them.  Some people just posted the videos and challenged others to do it, but nowhere in their video did it say it was for a cause.  Have I been under a rock?  How did this very important cause escape me?  It wasn't until I watched Michael McCann's video where he literally throws a bucket of ice water over himself, but also shares that he is doing it to support awareness for ALS, that I realized what the craziness was all about.  I 'get it' now, people are using social media to band together for an amazing cause, and help support someone who has been diagnosed with ALS, and wanted to do something.  As is often the case, this campaign started with just one person wanting to do something to make a difference in the world.  

I remember once, one of the assistant professors who happened to grade one of my papers suggested I was 'lofty' to think I could ever have an opinion paper published.  I had suggested that I would want to write about how MRI imaging might help to detect violent behavior, and something to do about how brain trauma might be a trigger for violent behavior, hence a variable to study when examining causes for domestic violence.  I wanted to write about it, and well I don't know if I wanted to change the world, but I wanted to reach people. I remember taking such offense to the term.  As though, it's so far out of reach that one person could ever truly change the world.  Of course, the odds are against it, but why not at least try.  To borrow the words of one of Detroit's finest, "No you may not be able to change the world, but the least that you can do is care." 

So I was challenged by one of my followers to take the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' and I wanted to do something special.  I don't have extra money right now to donate, but I thought maybe with the help of some of my followers I could make this challenge fun.  So I've committed to try to raise the amount of money that would total the number of followers I have on Twitter as of August 17, 2014.  That would be a total of $2422.  If I reach my goal by the Superbowl, I'll take the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' in a very sexy white tee. I will also gladly donate the money I raise to help a charity that advocates awareness about this horrible disease.  I couldn't imagine being diagnosed with such a horrible disease, or watching my loved one live or die this way.  I will do what I can to help and invite you to help me share the word, and /or donate what you can to help me reach my goal.  

Thank you so very much and to all the victims and their families, my heart goes out to you.  I hope there is a cure someday for this terrible disease.