This past year has been incredibly exciting for me, as respects to sports.  I've traveled to Louisiana and gotten to interview a former NFL player about his concerns about concussions, and also learn his views on the usage of medicinal marijuana.  I've traveled back and fourth from New York to Las Vegas, and met some former NFL and NBA stars.  I got to be in New York City during the week before the SuperBowlXLVlll and been there during the NFLDraft.  Yet, I'm just a fan.  Perhaps that's why I'm smiling.

What happens when you enter into the world of sports from a business perspective?  Do you lose sight of the fun and excitement that sports can bring.  I don't know but sometimes I hear people who are involved in sports talk on the radio and they seem to be desensitized to it all.  They seem to be almost angry and mad at the players.  Same too for the players and coaches.  They seem so grumpy and it's like they are losing sight of the really important things.  Does anyone realize that being involved in sports is a dream some people never realize?

I 'get it' though when you work in a field, you tend to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  I respect that.  I really do.  Yet, still it seems, at times the players, coaches and especially those in the media, ought to take a moment to consider what a blessing it is to be involved in something that others only see from the outside.  Like, most of us won't ever have the opportunity to attend a playoff game, let alone a SuperBowl.  It's just sort of annoying sometimes when you can detect how pissed off everyone is.

I hope I never get like that.  I hope I always manage to see sports from the perspective of a fan.  I hope I remain passionate about football and love the game of baseball.  I listen to the stories, about this player or that player and all they do to bitch about the money they aren't making, but they happen to be making millions more than most.  It's just a little bit funny, to me, how some in sports take so much for granted.

I don't idolize athletes.  I see them as regular people, who happen to be talented.  They are human like the rest of us.  Sure we all might bitch about our jobs sometimes, but I think that rather than bitch about where the Superbowl is, the athletes, coaches and those in the media ought to take just one moment, and look around.  New York City is amazing.  New Jersey happens to be beautiful if you take the time to see beyond the stigma.  So when you are at a game, that the rest of us probably won't ever experience, you may want to take a moment to count your blessings rather than be so cynical.  Life is beautiful, when you take the time to see.