Last night I had the opportunity to talk on the radio about the current events unfolding in the JameisWinston matter.  Is it me, or has the world gone mad?  Or is it the same as it ever was, but just now we use social media as the forum to gossip and talk about nothing.  Remember, that game of 'telephone'?  I wonder what it was called, before there was such a thing.

Not sure if people were surprised to hear me stick up for the alleged victim.  Only in my eyes, the alleged victim is not necessarily the person who claimed to be raped.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not disputing her accounting.  I have no clue if what she is saying is true or not.  Yet, I would throw a word of caution out there.  Just because a person claims to be sexually assaulted does not make it truth.  There are so many 'What ifs' in this case, it's mind boggling to me that 'The Media' is not discussing them.

Sure if the accuser doesn't want to press charges, that means nothing.  It's in the State's hands now. Yet, why would there be charges pressed on a case with a whole lot of sketchy information, and a description of an accuser that didn't even match what he looks like.  

No there will be no decision about filing charges until after the holidays.  Why would there be? There might be a whole lot less hits to those websites then.  I'm going to suggest that JameisWinston is a victim, too.  A victim of the media hounding, a victim of so many who want to see him guilty, and a victim of those who pass judgment without knowing any of the facts.  If you're not one of those people, that's good.  In this country, we are supposed to hold people innocent until proven guilty.  He is not speaking because it's a known fact that words are twisted, so why on earth would he be stupid enough to allow the world to do that.  I think he's a smart man who is listening to his attorney.  I do not know him, but I would suggest that his stamina and his ability to play under such pressure, be looked at, as a positive.  

Respectfully, I will reserve my judgment on the matter until after the facts come out, which to be honest would be hard to believe at this point, should they point toward anything other than the reality of, "It's all about the he said, she said ..."