Five of the six finalists for the Heisman Memorial Trophy in 2103

Warning, I'm about to rant.  So if you read on, you are doing so at your own risk.  I am telling you now, I'm writing with a  passion and I'm totally ranting.  Here goes, you ready?

OMG! Is it ever NOT racism?  I got this email from a person I really respect.  In it, he declared that the reason some of the ballots were not cast for Jameis Winston is because those voters are racist.  How does he know this?  If that's the case, and they are racist, then why didn't they cast their votes for the white guys?

I'm sorry but I think that maybe sometimes people assume there is racism, just because different races are in the mix.  It's just not fair.  I am a white woman.  I have defended Jameis Winston vehemently ever since the national media seemed to want to chastise him.  I applauded his ability to play under pressure, to respect his attorney's advises, and discussed how I felt there was absolutely no case against him, that would likely lead to charges being filed.  I was right, and had there been charges filed, I would have probably tweeted up a storm, about how unfair it was.

That being said, not everyone felt that Jameis Winston was an upstanding pillar of character and this might have been because of his engagement in activities which lead to police investigations.  It might just be that those absentee ballots were absent because these voters are dismayed by the lack of criteria, or they simply felt that Jameis was not worthy because he engaged in some behavior that in their minds was questionable.  So be it. It might be the criminal allegations were enough to cause some voters not to cast a vote for this young man.  That does not make it racism.  

That's my opinion.  I don't think anyone should assume that an absentee ballot was due to racism.  Additionally, look at all the votes that were cast in this young man's favor, despite the criminal allegations.  What does that say about America?  That we've come a long way, baby.  You will see what you want to see, I'm convinced of that. For some, they just need to see race as an issue, and I find that sad.  So very sad, indeed.

Not saying racism doesn't exist, but definitely not going to assume that just because ballots weren't cast, that racism was the reason.  I find it incredibly unfair to make such an assumption.

Note, too that many of the people in the media, don't seem to know what the criteria is for voting.  I've heard some say it is playing performance only and others say integrity off the field matters.  You can go to and read the mission statement for yourself.  In my opinion It's a bit vague, and maybe that's a more plausible explanation for those absentee votes.  Maybe these voters who didn't vote, didn't know what to do because they were simply unsure if Jameis Winston fit the criteria, and had no clue.