Recently I was asked by one of my followers, @LawandBO to consider nominating a sports law blog for the ABA Journal top one hundred.  Here is how I responded:

It is my honor to nominate the sports law blog for consideration as one of the, ABA Journal, finest.  There are several reasons I have for nominating this blog.  Among those reasons, are it’s in depth and current legal analysis and subsequent service it provides to so many in the sports industry.

Perhaps more importantly though, is the amazing personalization that it’s founder, Tony Iliakostas, has managed to exude in the videos, the entries, and the social media extension.

My work involves disseminating information about social issues in sports, and I am the host of a weekly radio show, the @MorningMichelle show.  There is rarely a week that I don’t visit Tony’s site, to check on what’s going on.  The blog, LABO, provides quality content in a refreshing and relevant manner.  Tony talks about his passion for sports, his love of his hometown and his favorite teams.  He manages to make it personal.  He also is ‘spot on’ with his analysis, and he invites others in the legal profession to share their opinions regularly.  In other words, there is no ‘ego’ here.  He’s personable, responsible, and a true ‘go getter’ when it comes to giving the public, and those in the sports world a fresh perspective on what’s trending.

There have been times I’ve gone to this site to check on legal cases involving the Aaron Hernandez case, matters pertaining to Alex Rodriquez, Oscar Pistorius among others.  Tony never fails to provide current and relevant data that I’m able to use in my radio show, and/or tweet out to my followers.

Another thing I love about this blog is that it’s free.  While a student at Boston University, I had subscribed to several legal blogs and services.  I paid subscription fees because I felt the content was valuable and there were an associated fee.  Tony has never once asked for a penny for the services he provides.  I would gladly pay if he had.   

I tell everyone I know about LABO, and I get a lot of feedback from my listeners and followers about how amazing Tony’s blog is.  I hope you take the time to check it out.  It’s definitely time to add a sports law blog to your list, and if you’re going to add just one, let it be .

I'm not sure if Tony's blog will win, but either way, he's a true winner in my eyes.  I hope you take the time to visit his blog.