Are you one of those people who spend Saturday doing something other than watching College Football?  If you answered that question affirmatively, I have the instant cure.  You see I used to be afflicted with that same ailment, and then I got asked to promote an all sports radio show, that well they have a keen eye on those college games.  

Fast forward to today and I'm googling the  "Vandy ~ Texas A&M" matchup, and wondering what the odds are going to be on this game.  I'm excited every week to see who is playing who.  Last year I got to go to NYC and be there during the NFL Draft, and I actually knew the names of the athletes and watched with great anticipation to see who landed where.

I'm not trying to sell you on the show.  I'm just telling you what happened to me when I began to promote it.  The passion the hosts felt caused me to fall in love with college football.  

Not everyone grows up in a family that allows them the opportunity to truly know what it's like to have a cool childhood.  Some people don't have parents who foster the kind of home that would encourage sports, let alone partake in it as a daily ritual. Additionally, not all parts of the country have the same sense of community that communities that are fortunate enough to have a college near by have.  

Me, I'm a late bloomer and I only wish I had the sort of upbringing that gave me the experience that so many others are blessed to have.  Going to the games, being part of it all or having the college experience right out of high school, are things I wished I had.  

Yet, as they say, it's never too late to start.  So to quote the words of a pretty cool song by a man who we all know was thought by his teachers to have 'no sense' ... Well, God Bless Saturday.  

Tune in if you want to listen to the one of the best shows that will give you a run down of all the games.  The show, is broadcast every weekend night live from LaGasse's Stadium in Las Vegas.  It airs on 720 KDWN, a 50K watt AM station that reaches so much of the West Coast.  It's also online, so no matter where you are, you have no excuse. 

 [ ] [ P.S. the photo up above has absolutely nothing to do with college football ... so don't go crazy trying to figure that out.  It's just so me to be random. ;) ]