So here it is Halloween 2013, I'm planning to attend a costume party at a casino, and I've included a photo up above of me in my costume.  It's nothing scary, it's actually anything but.  I've decided to put on 'The Uniform' of the DCC.

Before I go any further and share about my admiration for the DCC, I'm going to tell you that most of my articles here are an attempt to share something that matters to me.  I know it's probably not in direct alignment with the debate forum of this FanVsFan site, but if you want we can actually make the topic of this article a debate.  Let's see, how about throwing 'out there' the concept that cheerleaders don't add to the value of a National Football League team? Maybe we can toss out that they are nothing more than scantily clad bimbos who just parade around and care more about the superficial things in life, like hair and makeup.  Okay, I'll take the opposing view, because I know different.

Sure there have been some horror stories about some of the cheerleaders but I think they add tremendously to the value of a team.  When I was younger, I used to wish I was from Texas.  It just seemed that all the beautiful girls were from Texas, and I suppose most young girls want to be beautiful.  I'm not going to lie, when I was little I wanted to grow up to be a beautiful woman.  I think I wanted to be a flight attendant and marry a pilot but it's not like I wouldn't have opted to be a member of the DCC.  The truth is though I'm not very athletic, so that was not really a consideration and I think I figured I could handle the 'stewardess' role better.  

I do not remember watching the The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders a "made for TV movie" that aired in 1979, nor do I remember the one-hour special, The 36 Most Beautiful Girls in Texas, which aired on ABC prior to the season opener of Monday Night Football.  Yet, I do know that I always wished I could grow up and be like them.  They seemed to be classy, stylish, and  beautiful.  In fact, I think if I had to go back and trace just why I have a thing for the DC it might have more to do with the DCC than TheBoys.  I'm convinced it wasn't any player on the team, it was the beautiful cheerleaders who had such style that I noticed, when I was a child.  That, and 'the star' [ I really do love their star ].

Fast forward to several years later and I'm still in awe of the beautiful ladies who make up the squad.  I follow them individually and collectively on TWTR and I am often marveled by their ability to share sunshine.  The names may have changed by they are still as beautiful as the squad I watched when I was a child.  I admire their style. 

So I would argue that having professional cheerleaders with the caring warmth and commitment as DCC can bring so much to a sports team.  I would hold the DCC up as the perfect example to prove my point.   It may surprise you, though, what I admire most about the ladies who cheer for the Dallas Cowboys.  Well, I won't ever forget reading about how they went to visit the American troops, on a Christmas holiday, and how they took the time to make the soldiers smile.  They give of their time, their hearts and their mind.  They are more than beautiful ladies, they have an amazing gift, and they truly care about those who wear 'The Uniform'.