About a month ago I tweeted that I was going to consider drafting DeVonte Holloman on my fantasy team.  I got an immediate response from someone who knows way more about football and fantasy, and knows the Cowboys inside and out.  That response said, "Not a good idea Michelle, he's prone to injuries." I chalked it up to negativity and I continued to hope that DeVonte would be someone who would ride out the storm, and fulfill his dreams of being a star player for the Dallas Cowboys.  There was, of course, a reason I had developed an allegiance toward DeVonte. That reason, has absolutely nothing to do with the way he plays football.

The reason I rooted for and still root for DeVonte Holloman [ @Holloman21, on twitter ] has to do with how he treated me soon after he was drafted.  I had been paying attention to the players who were drafted the year DeVonte became a Dallas Cowboy.  I was live on Twitter sharing their Twitter addresses, and I tweeted to DeVonte soon after he was drafted by the Cowboys.  I wanted to wish him well.  I was actually working with a draft site, and DeVonte was one of the players that the owner of the site wanted to interview.  I reached out to DeVonte and asked him if he wouldn't mind being interviewed by the host of @Sportsxradio, as well. DeVonte sent me a direct message, almost immediately and he thanked me and said, "Sure, he'd love to do the interview."  Somewhere in the archives, on www.sportsxradio.com  that interview with the young man filled with dreams of being a star player, for the Dallas Cowboys, exists.

Since that day I followed DeVonte on twitter.  He reached out a few times, made fun of me for picking LeBron to win in a dunking contest, and mentioned that someday he'd love to be on my morning show.  He was busy with training camp though, but as soon as he could find the time he'd be in touch.  I wished him well, and told him I understood and mentioned I planned on buying his jersey.  I did exactly that, and I proudly tweeted a photo of me in number 57, during the Cowboys first preseason game.  

Recently, DeVonte tweeted a praying sign, and he was obviously praying for good news about something.  I knew that he had been asked to retire due to serious injuries. This morning when I went to check to see if he shared anything further, I noticed that he had tweeted a tweet thanking the Dallas Cowboys and it was obvious that he was no longer going to play. He has been asked to retire and after getting more than one opinion, it seems that this is what needs to be. If I remember correctly, I think he's twenty three.  I'm heart broken for him, and can only imagine what he must be going through.  To have worked so hard, to realize your dreams, only to be told by a team doctor that you can no longer play the sport you love.

My heart goes out to DeVonte.  I know he will be amazing whatever he decides to do.  I still would draft him on my fantasy team, and who knows maybe he will help me figure out how to make www.sundaynightfantasy.com a reality someday or maybe he could take over www.mondaynightfashion.com.  Perhaps, he will become a coach or a teacher.  Who knows, what he will decide to do next, but the world is waiting.  I have had so many people on my show talk about the importance of college, and/or a 'Plan B' because there needs to be more to life than football.  I have no doubt that DeVonte Holloman already knows this.  Deep in the heart of many men who pursue their dreams is a devotion that is spiritual and an appreciation for the gifts they've been given.  

Maybe one day DeVonte might look back and realize that the door that was closed for him, lead him to things beyond compare.  Maybe he has been given a gift.  Perhaps God really does look down onto the football fields, and maybe He needs DeVonte to be somewhere else right now.  Maybe DeVonte will be a role model to show kids that there is more to life than football, and that's no fantasy.  Even if one doesn't believe in God, there's no crime in respecting those who do have an inner faith that guides toward goodness. Here's to DeVonte Holloman, a man who realized his dreams of playing in the National Football League and a man who treated me with respect even though I was nobody really. "Nobody" in a sense that I couldn't help him with his career, and don't have any connections in the sports world.  The cool thing is he never once let me feel that way.  He treated me just like I was anybody else, and that's what made him special. That isn't going to go away, regardless of where he's at.