Laughter is a coping mechanism used in law enforcement to maintain sanity.  Keep that in mind when viewing press conferences.

Okay just real quick, cause I know this is old news already but did you happen to see the article on the front page of the sports section in USA Today Sports? It was written by Christine Brennan and it's entitled, 'Nothing funny in ruling on Winston.'  Well, of course not, yet so many people might find something to laugh about anyway.  Does that make them wrong?  

Apparently, according to Christine, yesterday's press conference was no laughing matter.  I get her point, I really do.  Rape, or sexual battery, is not funny.  Whether you are victim, or accused of a crime such as this by an alleged victim, it's never funny.  For real, someone might have actually been sexually violated, and someone else might have been falsely accused of a crime that might have landed them in jail for fifteen or plus years.  

Yet, does the laughter that occurred yesterday during the press conference serve as a sign that people didn't take the alleged rape seriously?  or was it something else?  As a total outsider, who does not know the alleged victim or the accused, still throughout the entire mess, I expressed empathy for both.  I also expressed reservation about the Florida State Attorney General, but yesterday I found him to be somewhat personable and likeable.  Am I a fool?  

Today I heard some people who have much more insight talk about how this was Willie Meggs in a shining moment.  There were some 'locals' who were saying this is the Willie Meggs they have come to expect, and know.  I will leave you to investigate what they might have meant by that.

As for me, all I am going to say is that sometimes the laughter is not an indication that people don't care, although it might be seen that way.  Maybe there should have been more discretion by the part of the media, and those at the press conference.  Maybe it should not have been televised for all the world to see.  Maybe the laughter was relief and just a sign of the media relationships that seem to have developed over the past couple of weeks.  Was it inappropriate to be relieved and express this in a form of laughter?  Maybe.  Maybe it was strange to see that this sort of ending, did not truly provide any sort of empathy for the alleged victim, and maybe it was strange to see it as a celebration of sorts.

For me though, it didn't seem that Willie Meggs was cruel by being personable with the media.  It just seemed as though he was trying to field questions, respect everyone, and also try not to bash the police department.  However, it really was a bit light hearted wasn't it?  It wasn't serious and of course the crime that alleged to have happened is a serious matter.  

Strange, isn't it the different take we can sometimes have.  One note about the artcile in USA Today Sports, it says that "Accorrding to Meggs, Winston is a free man.  The Florida State quarterback will not be charged with sexual assault.  He almost certainly is going to win the Heisman Trophy ..."  Well, actually according to Willie Meggs, he didn't even know when the trophy was going to be handed out and he definitely didn't say that Winston is going to win.  

Of course, you know I wonder if Willie Meggs announced yesterday that Jameis Winston was going to be charged, I wonder if anyone would have been saying how racist the South is, and how unfair it was that this man was being charged with the crime.  Sometimes, law enforcement just can win for losing.  I think there were mistakes made here, and this Willie Meggs acknowledged, yet I think that the media can really look for fault when it wants to.  It just seems that sometimes no matter when a person does, there will always be someone in the media who finds fault with it.  If Jameis Winston was charged, Willie Meggs was probably a racist.  You know and I know, that this article existed on someone's desk.  Just so happens that Willie Meggs did a good job with the investigation, and made an excellent and thoughtful conclusion.  I just don't see anyone publishing articles like that.  I must have missed them.