In a few moments, the NBA will be holding a press conference about the recent uproar about what's going on with one of it's team owners.  I don't have much time to articulate my thoughts if I'm going to publish this article before that time.  So I'm going to type very quickly.  As always, I will ask that you forgive my imperfect writing.  I'm my own editor and I'm a bit clueless when it comes to 'who' and 'whom' .... I know, I know but I am.

So here goes.  People have asked me what I think about the Clippers' players' protest in response to their owner's apparent racial comments during a supposedly private conversation with his significant other that was recently released by TMZ Sports.  I have several followers on Twitter who have said that the team blew their chance to make a statement.  I have been accused of being "vanilla" by one of my followers because I have elected to state that I am not one of the people who believe the team needs to do anything more than they have already done, or that which they might decide to do.  In fact, one of my followers is very confused by my tweets about the team's protest.  

For the record, I think it's difficult to judge what the players should do.  I know that they are being judged for playing for a racist.  I don't judge them for that.  I know they are being expected by some to walk off the court.  I don't expect them to.  I don't mind that they are playing for a man who seems to have outdated, and completely ignorant views about race.  Do I think the NBA ought to have a Code of Ethics that owners should abide by?  I sure do.  Do I think that it ought to extend into a man's private life and private thoughts? Well, let me say this.  If it does, then I think that it is something that other owners ought to be mindful of.  I think it's something all players need to be mindful of.  Should all men and women being punished for what they say in their private lives?  I'm not sure about this one.  I tend to think not.  I'll get back to you about this, as the press conference will start soon.  I just think it's silly for the players to give it any more credence than it deserves.  Why should they miss out on playing in the NBA Playoffs?  Why? When they worked so hard to get their?