Just because a Fortune 500 asked me to market their fantasy sports site, doesn't mean I knew much about how to play fantasy games.  In fact, I don't know much at all.  I always resisted playing any sort of fantasy sports, in fact, there might have been a time when I can actually say, I despised fantasy sports.  I'm still not convinced I want to play.  However, to quote the words, of Country Music great, "You're beginning to intrigue me." 

So I admit it, I'm intrigued by fantasy sports.  I don't know how to play, but I'm willing to take a closer look at what's involved.  Before I do though, I suppose I wonder, is it too late.  I mean it appears as though fantasy football has been around since 1962, when some guy named Wilfred Winkenbach and two writers for an Oakland newspaper put together a team.  Although that particular league didn't take off, due to the difficulty with managing the stats etc., the internet gave fantasy sports a league of its own.  Fantasy sports seems to be everywhere, so while I may late to the game, there may still be a seat left on this fast moving train.  

So I guess I wonder, where to begin?  Maybe understanding what fantasy football actually is would be a great place to start.  Before, embarking on any journey it makes sense to know what you are getting yourself in to.  So let me ask you, what exactly is 'Fantasy Football' .... and "Why should I play?" .... ~ SXM