What's the potential for social media in sports marketing? It's infinite and there are no boundaries. The athletes, the teams, the leagues, and the fans now have an ability to interact. 

Tweets allow a person to feel as though somebody cares.  Even if nobody cares, having your tweet acknowledged by either a "favorite" or a "retweet" can make a person's day, especially if that "favorite" or "retweet" is by one of their favorite athletes.  

It would be impossible for me to summarize all I've learned about social media in sports marketing.  Throughout this past year I've paid attention to Twitter, all while I was working to market an all sports radio show that's broadcast on 720 KDWN in Las Vegas. 

I don't think many  appreciate the vast potential of Twitter, at least not yet.  People are so consumed with the number of followers a person has, that they fail to appreciate that a person need not follow you to read your tweet.   

I wish I could get people to understand that it's not number of followers but quality of followers that truly matters, and my followers are truly some of the best. Social media in sports marketing will continue to flourish.  This is one bet, that I'd feel comfortable making.  I may not have the handicapping of college football games down yet, but this much I know.  There isn't anyone who knows better than I do how to reach the world in just one tweet.  That's one bet I know you should take.  ~ SXM