Last year I began working with a sports radio show in Las Vegas.  I had contacted them because I know the host, and I wanted to share about a former NFL player who had been diagnosed with ALS, and I was trying to raise both awareness and money for the family.  The player, Stephen Smith, had played on the Oakland Raiders and for Penn State while in college.

During conversations with the host, I was told that the show was sponsored by Cantor Gaming and that it would not be that easy for me to have 'air time' but that I was welcome to tweet about the campaign.  One thing lead to another and  after seeing how successful I was getting new followers for the show, I was invited to help promote the show via social media.

At the time I began to do the social media work for the show, I had no idea where it would lead.  I didn't know I would one day be asked to market fantasy sports by Cantor, or that my dreams would someday include the creation of a fantasy sports site, I suppose we never know where certain turns might take us.

I chose to root for the Dallas Cowboys when I started working with the sports radio show.  Before that, my affinity, which has not died was for the Oakland Raiders, and that was because someone I knew, who loved the Raiders had died in a tragic plane crash.

So I never really had a team of my own, and I wanted to have a team that represented what I believed in.  I believe in America, and so it was sort of symbolic I guess that I chose the Dallas Cowboys.  I grew up knowing they were, America's team.  So it was this label in a sense that caused me to choose to root for them.  In addition to  their cheerleaders, their former greatness, and my passion for cowboys in general, that caused me to pick the Cowboys and my team. 

At the time I picked them, I knew they were not winning.  I follow football enough to know they were no longer the great team they used to be.  Yet, that didn't matter to me.  I would, however, expect them to return to greatness.  I began to see this team as symbolizing our country in a way.  Putting the two side by side, and wanting so much something solid.  I love my country, believe in unity, and I value strong leadership.  I wanted this for the Cowboys. 

As I began to tweet for the radio show, I got to meet some very cool people who root for the Dallas Cowboys.  I also bought some books and started to study about the history of the team.  The first book I read was, "Boys will be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty" by Jeff Pearlman. I've since read several others.

So many of the DC fans began to embrace me and help me to understand the history of the team.  They would include me in the CowboysNation family and I got to know some really great people.  Many of them were divided on whether they felt Tony Romo is a great quarterback, and deserved all the money he gets.  Some people think that he is coddled by the team's owner.  Many fans think he chokes when it matters most, and others thinks that it's the lack of defense or protection that has caused his inability to make a successful run. 

In my opinion, it's a little of both.  I have watched Tony Romo fail when it mattered most.  I also think he is given the blame at times, when he doesn't deserve it. I think the Dallas Cowboys leadership have forgotten what matters most.  They seem to be all about the show.  All the money in the world won't buy what's needed to fix what's wrong with America's team.  There is something missing.  It's as though their owner is like Marie Antoinette shouting to "Let them eat cake" and he's talking to the fans.  He's simply not listening to those who matter most.  It's never easy to do a complete self assessment but you don't have to have played football to know there's something wrong with America's team.  In my opinion what's showing on their Twitter design background is symbolic of part of what's wrong with the Dallas Cowboys.  Seems they've gone Hollywood.