This is an attempt at a review of the concert I just went to see.  I've never written a review of music before, and this site is supposed to be for sports related articles, but as you probably already know, I don't follow all the rules.

So you know those nights, when you don't want to go to the place you're supposed to go to.  It's a Tuesday night, it's cold, and you'd much rather just pull the covers up and watch the Kansas game.  Well, tonight was one of those nights.  I stared at the directions on map quest, imagined driving through all of those God awful hurricane detours, and well I just had a million reasons why I was going to pass on the Trace Adkins Christmas show.

Yet, as I stared at the ticket on my desk, something compelled me to go.  For whatever reason, I kept hearing him sing, "You're gonna miss this." and I thought to myself, "He's right, I would miss this, if I don't go." So as much as I didn't feel like driving over an hour, venture out solo on a Tuesday night, I got my keys and headed out to The Christmas Show.

All I can say is I am so glad I did.  When I entered the lobby of the theater, I could tell right away I was in the right place.  There was a table set up for collections for donations for the troops, and the people behind the table were more than gracious.  They talked about how they send care packages overseas, and I told them about how I have adopted a soldier from @HomefrontHugs in Ann Arbor.  It's so awesome to see good people doing things to make a difference.  

When I got to my seat, I noticed the group on the stage.  Beautiful voices, and string instruments.  When Trace Adkins took the stage, he was exactly as I imagined him to be.  Warm and friendly, and inviting with his audience.  It was as though you were sitting with him in his home.  I loved that the concert is called "The Christmas Show" with no apology.  I have celebrated Christmas all of my life, and I love the word.  I don't like how we've gotten so politically correct all the time now, and people are so afraid to offend someone if they say "Merry Christmas" without knowing someone doesn't celebrate.  It's just so crazy to me.

So there on stage is this magnificent Christmas tree.  It's as though Trace is not apologizing either.  Yet he takes time to educate about every song he sings.  He shares about how his "Research Department" which consists of him and Rob, went through so much work to find out the meaning and history of the songs.  What a wonderful experience, to listen and learn.

The most beautiful part of all though is his voice.  He has an amazing voice, that I thought I loved before I saw him live.  Now, I realize I had no clue just how amazing his voice truly is. Live music is my so amazing, and for me music is my drug.  So tonight I was in Heaven.

It would be remiss if I did not include mention of the amazing band.  The beautiful women who were part of the evening.  Their voices all so amazing.  Elegance and class and a down to earth ambiance.  I just want to share about it.  Don't miss the chance to see him live, and if you have the opportunity take in The Christmas Show.  It's that amazing.